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Interactive Map of Indigenous Health Programs and Services across Canada

This interactive map allows users to identify Indigenous health programs and services across Canada. This includes: national and provincial government departments, agencies, and offices focused exclusively on Indigenous health; non-profit organizations with an Indigenous health mandate; Indigenous cultural safety training organizations; Indigenous health authorities, including regional offices; mental health and substance use counselling and treatment services, as well as urban and rural Indigenous health clinics, nursing stations, wellness centres, dental clinics, and health promotion and prevention services. These organizations and services were identified through a search of the Internet in 2020.

Health organizations can be searched by region, name of community, and name of organization. Zooming in and clicking on individual teardrops will provide users with information about the name of the Indigenous health organization, its address, and any available contact information, including telephone number, email address, and web address.

There are three ways to use the interactive map.

  • You can select a region and/or a type of service (either general services or substance abuse and addictions services). Then click on any teardrop to see the name, location and other details of programs and services filtered according to your selection.
  • You can enter a keyword into the search field (alone or in addition to a filter) and then click on the magnifying glass icon OR press “Return” on your keyboard to display results related to your keyword.
  • Finally, you can also search by double-clicking anywhere on the map until you reach the area of the country that interests you most. Then click on the teardrops to display name, location and other details of all the programs and services in that geographic area.

Remember that to zoom out to see more results, click on the magnifying glass near the search field. You can also start a new search by clicking on the “X” to the right of the keywords that appear in red after every search.



Because this interactive map was developed using publicly available information found on the Internet, only an approximate location may be identified for some health organizations.

While every effort has been made to identify all relevant Indigenous programs and services across Canada, this map may not be inclusive of every Indigenous health organization across Canada and organizational contact information may not be up-to-date.

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