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ISBN (Print) : 978-1-77368-171-9 | ISBN (Online) : 978-1-77368-172-6

Menopause and Indigenous women in Canada: The State of Current Research

March 2018

This study, authored by Regine Halseth, Dr. Charlotte Loppie and Nicole Robinson, aims to identify and summarize the state of research on menopause and Indigenous women in Canada; suggest how this existing knowledge can be applied in practice; and identify where further research is required.

Specifically, the study identifies and summarizes published research on the characteristics of menopause; Indigenous women’s perceptions and experiences of menopause; strategies for addressing challenges associated with changes during peri- and post-menopause; and health outcomes associated with menopause among Indigenous women in Canada. The study concludes with a number of recommendations to optimize the health and wellness of Indigenous women throughout the menopausal transition.

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