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ISBN (Print) :978-1-77368-388-1 | ISBN (Online) :978-1-77368-389-8

Regine Halseth & Omolara Odulaja

Trauma-informed care in the management and treatment of Tuberculosis in Indigenous populations

March 2024

Indigenous Peoples in Canada experience disproportionately high rates of Tuberculosis (TB) due to the greater prevalence of predisposing risk factors in the Indigenous population compared to the general population. The rate of TB is particularly high among Inuit. Indigenous populations have also endured a long history of trauma due to the legacy of colonialism. This trauma continues to influence Indigenous people’s contemporary experiences with TB and its treatment and is considered a key driver in the persistence of the disease in Indigenous communities. This has led to some centres of disease control to advocate for the application of a trauma-informed model of care to help eradicate the disease. However, to date, the literature focused specifically on trauma-informed approaches to TB care within this population is limited, with no clear guidance on what such a model would look like. .

This report reviews the literature on trauma-informed models of care for Indigenous populations in a variety of contexts and suggests ways to improve TB care for Indigenous Peoples through principles of trauma-informed care (TIC). The report provides an overview of what trauma is and its origins for Indigenous Peoples in Canada and discusses how trauma continues to influence the transmission of TB in Indigenous communities. It then examines how a trauma-informed model of care can be applied to the management of TB in Indigenous populations, using a framework based on four key principles: 1) trauma awareness; 2) safety and trustworthiness; 3) opportunities for choice, collaboration, and connection; and 4) strengths-based skill building techniques. The report also offers suggestions for tools that may inform the implementation of TIC principles in a TB care environment.

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