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Colonisation, Hauora and Whenua in Aotearoa


Moewaka Barnes, H., & McCreanor, T.


This article explores the impacts of colonization in Aotearoa with reference to Māori concepts and practices of relational health and well-being, and connections among whenua (land), health and well-being. The authors discuss the harm that colonization has had for Māori communities, trace some broad indicators of relational health and well-being in Aotearoa, and consider how the relational Māori concept based on whenua as a determinant of health and well-being can contributed to better health outcomes.

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Colonization, Hauora and Whenua in Aotearoa.

Moewaka Barnes, H., & McCreanor, T. (2019). Colonization, hauora and whenua in Aotearoa. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 49(1), 19–33.

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