Cultural Safety Collection

Providing Culturally Appropriate Care: A Literature Review


Williamson, M., & Harrison, L.

International Journal of Nursing Studies


This literature review explores how the concept of culture has been defined and makes recommendations for providing culturally appropriate care in the context of midwifery and nursing. The review identified two main approaches to culture - one that is static and focuses on the cognitive aspects of culture and the values, beliefs, languages and geographies of specific groups, while the other views culture within a wider, structural framework that focuses on social determinants of health rather than individual behaviours and beliefs and leads to the concept of cultural safety. The authors argue that focusing on the cognitive aspects of culture can lead to stereotyping and a failure to identify the unique needs of individuals receiving care, while the cultural safety approach has potential but lacks evidence in relation to incorporation into practice.

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Providing Culturally Appropriate Care: A Literature Review.

Williams, R. (1999). Cultural safety: What does it mean for our work practice? Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 23(2), 213-14

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