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ISBN (Print) :978-1-77368-372-0 | ISBN (Online) :978-1-77368-375-1

Denise Webb

Indigenous health in federal, provincial, and territorial health policies and systems

December 2022

Indigenous Health in Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Health Policies and Systems, updates and expands previous work of the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health and its 2011 report, Looking for Aboriginal health in legislation and policies, 1970-2008: The policy synthesis project. This updated report collects all federal, provincial, and territorial level health policies and legislation, as well as modern treaties and self-government agreements that have been developed as of April 2022 and specifically mention Indigenous health. The organization of Indigenous health care is widely recognized as a patchwork, loosely woven together by legislation, policies, and treaties between and across jurisdictions. This report provides a thorough exploration into the patchwork to facilitate cross-jurisdictional understanding, while narrowing in on policy improvements, persistent gaps, and areas warranting further investigation.

The report begins at the federal level, identifying historic and current policies that influence Indigenous health care. Historic treaties follow, as well as the policy history that shapes modern treaties and self-government agreements signed today. The final section focuses on provinces and territories and their health care systems, offering insights and comparisons to support policy lessons across jurisdictions on Indigenous participation in health care, cultural safety, among other topics. Federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdiction in Indigenous health is also discussed. Efforts to restore and strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations are also explored, paying close attention to national and international documents, their health policy recommendations, and the federal, provincial, and territorial responses. The report concludes with considerations for future policy discussions and related research.

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