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Webinar: Two Spirit! Let’s Hear It! - An Introduction to Two-Spirit Health

April 2017


In this webinar, Dr. Sarah Hunt provides an introduction to the health of Two-Spirit people. First, the diversity of meanings ascribed to Two-Spirit was discussed, as a term used to describe an array of Indigenous identities and expressions of gender and sexuality. Within a social determinants framework, an overview of the impacts of colonization was provided as a key component of understanding the health of Two-Spirit people. A strengths-based approach was used to present an array of practical measures health practitioners, policy makers, and researchers can use to foster Two-Spirit health. The webinar complements the NCCAH publication An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People: Historical, contemporary and emergent issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a strengths-based framework for understanding the health of Two-Spirit people.
  • Develop a critical analysis of how Two-Spirit health is currently framed in health literature.
  • Develop an understanding of key health determinants of Two-Spirit people within an intersectional decolonial framework.
  • Learn practical measures that can be employed in creating culturally safe, welcoming and validating approaches to working with Indigenous people and families which include the recognition of Two-Spirit people.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Sarah Hunt is a Kwagiulth researcher, writer and activist whose scholarship builds on 15 years of collaborating with Indigenous communities to address diverse issues related to health, justice, gender and sexuality. She was awarded a Governor General’s Gold Medal for her doctoral research which investigated the relationship between law and violence in ongoing neocolonial relations in BC, asking how violence gains visibility through Indigenous and Canadian socio-legal discourse and action. Sarah is assistant professor in First Nations and Indigenous Studies and the Department of Geography at UBC. Her recent publications can be accessed at

Recommended Reading

Hunt, S. (2016). An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People: Historical, contemporary and emergent issues. Prince George, BC: National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health.

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