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Indigenous cultural safety - An environmental scan of cultural safety initiatives in Canada - Chapter 3 - Cultural safety initiatives in British Columbia

March 2024

British Columbia has been a leader in efforts to facilitate a more culturally safe health care environment for Indigenous Peoples. Health care agreements in the province have transformed the way care is delivered for Indigenous people. Chapter 3 of the NCCIH’s Indigenous cultural safety: An environmental scan of cultural safety initiatives in Canada highlights the many cultural safety initiatives and resources developed and implemented by the British Columbia (BC) government and its various departments and agencies, alone or in partnership with other governments and organizations, as well as provincial health authorities, professional organizations, Indigenous organizations, and other organizations with a health mandate operating in the province.

Leading examples of BC’s cultural safety initiatives include the passage of Indigenous rights legislation, creation of the First Nations Health Authority, signing of Partnership Accords between First Nations and regional health authorities, creation of provincial and regional cultural safety policies and campaigns, development of a Cultural Safety and Humility Standard and cultural safety accountability mechanisms, the creation of numerous cultural safety programs and services within the healthcare system, as well as other initiatives to develop a culturally competent and humble workforce. This chapter also highlights the breadth of organizations undertaking work to enhance cultural safety for Indigenous Peoples in the province.

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